Linked Open Data

Remember Tim Berners-Lee and the principles of Linked Data? While Linked Data is all about large-scale integration and reasoning on [linked data], Linked Open Data goes a step further. It is a growing movement for ogranizations to open up their data and make it available to users in a machine-readable format, so they can link data items from different data sources.

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From data to knowledge

Several EU projects are concerned with linked data and getting or creating knowledge out of it, and LOD2 project is being one of them. Going beyond mere (raw) data requires technologies that are able to deal also with relationships among pieces of data or datasets and it also requires successful stories and use-cases others can follow.

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LODRefine to the rescue

Have you tried OpenRefine previously known as GoogleRefine previously known as Gridworks? =) It is out and ready to be used, supported and extended. Good news: someone already LOD-enabled it for you. We provide a set of extensions either integrated with the latest version of OpenRefine, or being available for download separately.

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To link or not to link? This should not be a question.

The question should be "Why haven't we done this already?"

Data in various spreadsheets, flat files or databases not linked to anything else do us no good. Opening up enables users to create new datasets or combine them and produce various mashup applications or services. Think Open Government Data!

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LOD2 - Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data

LOD2 is an EU project, building on results of Linking Open Data (LOD) project and aiming at tackling several important challenges of Semantic Web.

One of the main goals of the LOD2 project is to provide the tools needed in the life cycle of Linked data from extraction, authoring and enrichment, interlinking, to visualization and sharing. It does this in the form of LOD2 Stack - a distribution of integrated software tools and components from LOD2 partners and 3rd parties.

LOD2 Webinar Series is another important contribution of the project. It offers free webinars about Linked Open Data tools and services related to the LOD2 project, the LOD2 Stack and Linked Open Data life cycle.

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One tool to bring them all... and in the package bind them.

LODRefine is bringing you the best of OpenRefine... and more. Extensions developed by Zemanta, DERI and The Free Your Metadata Team can help you deal with your data in a LOD-friendly way.

While OpenRefine itself allows to load data, understand it, clean it, reconcile and extend it with Freebase, LODRefine provides additional functionalities especially suited for working with Linked Open Data. You can reconcile your data with DBpedia, extend reconciled columns with data from DBpedia, extract named entities from columns containing text (e.g. descriptions, biographies) using cool services like Zemanta, DBpedia Lookup and AlchemyAPI, and then you can export it into RDF or even upload it to CrowdFlower, the popular crowdsourcing service.

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